ARNET's 2019 LanteRN Walk

Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET)


For over 30 years, our charity has supported Alberta’s RNs to attain the advanced nursing education that is key to ensuring that all Albertans receive the highest quality, most currently advance health care. As the largest health care profession in the province with over 38,000 RNs, a highly educated RN workforce is the most effective way of ensuring quality and cost-effective health care for all Albertans.


ARNET ensures that RNs have access to the educational supports they need so they are ready and able to support you and your family in your time of health care need.


Through YOUR support of ARNET’s LanteRN Walk, you are partnering with Alberta’s registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) to save and change the lives of Albertans each and every day.


For more information about our charity and the work we do, visit


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